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Clearance items will appear in the search results field if they meet the criteria selected, but here’s how to search specifically for clearance items:

To search for a particular type of product on clearance:

  • Select a category of interest from the drop down list
  • If the category has clearance items available, check the clearance sub-category
  • Click on Criteria Search
  • A list of the clearance items will appear in the search results field

To see all the items available on clearance from a particular brand:

  • Enter the code* for the brand of interest in the “search by part #” text box (see below)
  • Click on Part # Search
  • A list of all items that are available on clearance from that brand will appear

*Codes for brands having current clearance items:

  • bahco-clearance
  • b&l-clearance
  • b&s-clearance
  • fastcut-clearance
  • gearwrench-clearance
  • hk-clearance
  • insize-clearance
  • jacobs-clearance
  • mitutoyo-clearance
  • ptd-clearance
  • sgs-clearance
  • starrett-clearance

The following brands are entirely on clearance. Just select one of the following brands from the Manufacturer drop-down list:

  • Allen Hand Tools
  • Allen Hex Keys
  • Armstrong Hand Tools
  • Atrax Carbide Tools
  • Brown & Sharpe Flat Stock
  • Craftsman Industrial Hand Tools
  • Crucible Tool Bits
  • Edroy Lens Plates
  • Greenfield Taps & Dies
  • Hanson-Whitney Taps & Dies
  • ITW/Eclipse HSS End Mills
  • Koncor Flat Stock
  • Kurt Precision Tools
  • Micrometal Carbide Tools
  • Simonds Flat Stock
  • Triumph Twist Drills

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